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Chilihaus in Hamburg, Germany

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The Chilihaus, located in Hamburg's old quarter, is a monumental building.

This huge 11-storey building was built between 1921-1924 in as an office and warehouse space. The customer was the merchant Henry Sloman. The entrepreneur was engaged in the supply of saltpeter from Chile, on which he made great money. At that time, there was a tradition of naming new private buildings, so Chilihaus acquired its name.

The building has a rather unusual shape, reminiscent of a huge liner – a huge, sharp bow and floors descending like decks. The floor plan is by no means an eccentric whim of the owner or architect. The merchant bought a piece of land in the shape of a wedge, and he, of course, used it planned completely, which dictated the appearance of the building. Sloman also wanted his building to symbolize the economic revival of Germany in the 20th century.

Chilihaus currently continues to function as an office building.


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Topic: Chilihaus in Hamburg, Germany.Chilihaus in Hamburg, Germany

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