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Favignana Island in Italy, Sicily resort

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Favignana Island is the largest of the Aegadian Islands. The total area of Favignana is 20 km 2.

The highest point of the island is Monte Santa Caterina, reaching a height of 314 meters. The western part of the island is dominated by a mountain range, while the eastern part is dominated by flat terrain.

In ancient times, the island was named Eguza, which means 'island of goats'. The first colonizers of the island were the Phoenicians, who used it as a stopping point on the trans-Mediterranean trade routes.

In the 4th century BC. the Favignans converted to Christianity. During the Middle Ages, the island was conquered by the Arabs, who turned it into a base for the Islamic conquest of Sicily. Later the Normans reigned on the island and built a number of fortifications in 1081. Later, all the Aegadian Islands were leased by Genoese merchants, and in the 15th century they were presented as a gift to Giovanni de Carissima, who later received the title of `` Tuna Baron. ''

In the 17th century, the Spaniards were the first to start systematically harvest tuna in the waters of Favignana. In 1637 the island was acquired by the Marquis of Pallavicino. In 1874, the Aegadian Islands were acquired by Ignazio Florio, who built a factory for the production of canned tuna on Favignana.

connection, with which most of the population emigrated. In the 50s of the XX century, the restoration of the tuna industry began, and in the 60s – rapid development of the tourism industry.


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Topic: Favignana Island in Italy, Sicily resort.Favignana Island in Italy, Sicily resort

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