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Museum of Artillery in Italy, Turin resort

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The National Historical Museum of Artillery is a military museum located at the intersection of Via Cernaia and Corso Galileo Ferrarsis. The museum presents to the attention of visitors a large collection of cold arms and firearms and banners of various eras.

The museum was founded in 1731 by Karl Emmanuel of Savoy. Initially, the museum was just a small collection of weapons available to a narrow circle of people. The museum was located in one of the premises of the Arsenal, soon all the exhibits were transferred to the Theoretical Artillery School.

In the 18th century, the collection of exhibits was significantly increased, but due to the invasion of French troops, most of the collection was lost – lost or stolen.

In 1893, due to the active growth of the collection, the city municipality, which had just completed the restoration of the citadel tower, ceded the building to the military administration, which used the citadel to house the museum.

In front of the entrance to the museum you can observe Turkish artillery gun of the 15th century. The bronze cannon, located here, has a caliber of 70 centimeters and weighs about 15 tons.   The cannon was fired with stone cannonballs.

The main tower is the only fortification left from the Turin citadel, which was destroyed in order to free up territory for the growth of Turin.

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Topic: Museum of Artillery in Italy, Turin resort.Museum of Artillery in Italy, Turin resort

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