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Punic city of Kerkouan in Tunisia

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The Punic city of Kerkouan is located on the Cap Bon peninsula. It was discovered in 1952 during archaeological excavations. It is the only such city discovered in Tunisia.

The past of this city remains unknown. So, for example, no one knows about the exact name of the city,   it was christened by the name of a nearby Arab village. It is assumed that the city was founded in the VI century BC, and during the first Punic War (approximately II century BC)   - destroyed, and its population was about 2500 people (masons, fishermen, sculptures and glassblowers).

Only the ruins of the city have survived to this day, mainly the foundations of houses. All houses were built according to the same plan. A sitz bath made of pink cement has been found in virtually every dwelling. The floors are covered with mosaics depicting the goddess Tanit, who was considered the patroness of the city. Also, according to the remains, it can be assumed that a sewerage and water supply network functioned in the city.

During the excavations, ruins of a dyehouse were found, which are evidence of the existence of their own production. In Kerkouan, a very valuable dye for the Romans was mined - purple.

The Punic city of Kerkouan was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.


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Topic: Punic city of Kerkouan in Tunisia.Punic city of Kerkouan in Tunisia

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