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Ancient city of Dugga (Tugga) in Tunisia

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The ancient city of Dougga is located 120 kilometers from the city of Tunis, practically in the center of the country. The first mentions of the city date back to the 4th century BC. Throughout its history, the city was ruled by Berbers, Romans, Numidians.

Here you can see many architectural monuments of different eras, which have been well preserved to our times. For example, such as:
  • Antique amphitheater, erected in 168 AD. Its building was large enough to hold up to 3,500 spectators. Well preserved stone steps, many columns, a semicircle of the amphitheater. The amphitheater had an excellent acoustic system, thanks to which performances are still held on its stage, for example, every August a festival of ancient drama is held.    
  • The Capitol was built in 166 AD and is located on the Rose of the Winds Square. The temple is dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Six large columns with capitals that support the portico have survived to this day. On the border of the temple, an eagle is depicted taking a man (presumably, Emperor Anthony Pius) into the sky. During the study of this temple, fragments of a statue of Jupiter were discovered.
  • The Punic mausoleum, which is dedicated to Prince Atabu, towering more than 12 meters above the ground.
  • The Trifolium or the shamrock villa, which received its name due to the shape of one of the rooms, designed in the form of a trefoil.
  • Walls of the Temple of Saturn.
  • Triumphal  

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    Topic: Ancient city of Dugga (Tugga) in Tunisia.Ancient city of Dugga (Tugga) in Tunisia

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