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Garden of Ruins in France, Marseille resort

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Garden of Ruins, or rather – Park Museum The Garden of Ruins was opened in 1960. In a literal sense, one of the most interesting sights of Marseille was discovered, and quite by accident.

Not far away is the building of the Central Exchange of Marseille. In 1960, on the instructions of the Exchange administration, landscaping began in the backyard and adjacent territory to improve the uninhabited wasteland and further build a modern shopping center. At the same time, the first fragments of ancient Greek buildings were found. Landscaping developed into archaeological excavations, which took place at an accelerated pace. I had to forget about the construction of a shopping center, but at the same time Marseille acquired another attraction.

According to experts in the field of ancient architecture, it can be judged that the remains of the structures could have been an ancient Greek port. Immediately after the completion of the excavations, a Park Museum was organized at this place, pedestrian paths were laid out and benches were exhibited for rest. Today the Garden of Ruins is very popular among foreign tourists.

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Topic: Garden of Ruins in France, Marseille resort.Garden of Ruins in France, Marseille resort

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