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Schnapps Museum in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Schnapps Museum was founded in 1875. In fact, this is an old Viennese factory, where 5 generations of the Fischer family distil schnapps using traditional Austrian technology.

A representative of the Fischer family conducts tours of the museum. During the excursion, visitors are told that today schnapps are still produced here according to the recipe, which is passed down from generation to generation (from father to son). Schnapps is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented fruits, which is obtained by distillation.

In the museum you can see a large steam boiler in which fermented fruits are boiled with alcohol as one of the stages of making schnapps. On the shelves in the museum are bottles with spices and seasonings.

During the excursion, tasting of the drinks produced by the factory is held. Museum visitors have the opportunity to taste any drink that is in the museum (absinthe, schnapps, sweet liquor).

Thus, by visiting the schnapps museum, you can get acquainted with reliable information about the production of alcoholic beverages , in particular about schnapps, which are made according to old recipes.

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Topic: Schnapps Museum in Austria, Vienna spa.Schnapps Museum in Austria, Vienna spa

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