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Hofburg Palace in Austria, resort of Innsbruck

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Hofburg Palace is the residence of the rulers of Tyrol and one of the most important buildings in Austria.

The original palace was built in the 15th century by a local Duke Duke Sigmund Rich as a medieval fortress. After his death, the castle passed to Emperor Maximilian I, who expanded and rebuilt the castle into a late Gothic palace. In the middle of the 18th century, by order of the Empress Maria Theresa, the palace was rebuilt in accordance with modern baroque fashion. The reconstruction was supervised by the architect J.M. Gump. This is how we see the palace today.

The palace is beautiful not only outside, but also inside. It consists of 2 wings where reception rooms, ballrooms and private apartments (27 rooms in total) are located. One of the most unusual premises is the room where the husband of Maria Theresa Franz I died, which was converted into a chapel by the order of the widow. There is also a preserved Gothic tower that was erected during the reign of Maximilian I.

Today tourists can visit several halls: the ceremonial hall, richly decorated with gilded stucco elements, where portraits of Maria Theresa and her husband are placed , a chapel, personal imperial apartments and others. Some of the restored rooms contain pieces of furniture from the period that show the life of the wealthy during the Habsburg period.

Nowadays, many wealthy and influential people rent luxury apartments of the palace for public and private events. exhibitions and concerts.

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Topic: Hofburg Palace in Austria, resort of Innsbruck.Hofburg Palace in Austria, resort of Innsbruck

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