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Gran Piedra National Park in Cuba

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The territory of the National Park is located in close proximity to the city of Santiago de Cuba. The park area can be considered a universal tourist area. It combines both hiking and cycling and, of course, a signature vacation on Cuban beaches.

Cubans themselves and visitors from all over the world prefer to relax in this park. Gran Piedra means 'big stone' in translation. The stone is a huge rock, listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the third largest natural monolith in the world. The rock is also part of the ridge, in which the highest point of Cuba is located.

Active recreation is represented here primarily by land sports. The hillsides have become a popular destination for extreme downhill cycling, and rock formations, including Bolshoi Kamen itself, constantly attract climbers of all levels. Climbing the mountain for ordinary backpackers is limited for safety reasons. Groups of several people gather at the foot and for a small fee, under the supervision of an experienced guide, climb the safe route to the rock. Several hundred steps – and you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the park, and even the neighboring islands are visible in good weather.  


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Topic: Gran Piedra National Park in Cuba.Gran Piedra National Park in Cuba

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