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Cathedral (Catedral de Granada) in Spain, resort of Granada

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This cathedral was built as a memorial in honor of the proclamation of Christian Spain. It began to be built in 1523. The construction was supervised by Enrique Egas. His church design was in the Gothic style. After 1525, Diego de Siloe was already the architect, and his project was carried out in the Plateresco style. In 1561 the cathedral was consecrated, but by that time it was not completed. In 1667, Alonso Cano completed the western facade. In 1717, Jose Risuegno created a bas-relief that was placed over the main entrance. In the northeastern part of the cathedral stands the Gate of San Jeronimo. They are decorated with sculptures by Juan de Maeda, Siloe and others. Nearby is the Gate of Forgiveness, which was completed by 1537.

In the Cathedral complex, the main chapel is worth noticing. Its dome is 47 meters high. It is adorned with 16th century colored glass and seven paintings by Alonso Cano.

The entrance to the Royal Chapel is in the south nave of the cathedral. This chapel is built in the late Gothic style. The royal tombs are surrounded by a wrought-iron lattice made by Bartolome de Jaen. On the right side, Ferdinand and Isabella are buried, and on the left - and ndash; Filiaa the Handsome and Juan the Mad.

The Sacristy of the Royal Chapel contains works of art such as paintings by Roger van der Weyden, Botticelli and Hans Memling, as well as wooden multi-colored figures of praying Catholic Monarchs; , the scepter and crown of Isabella, the sword of King Ferdinand and the missal that belonged to the `` Catholic Monarchs '' raquo;.
The Sanctuary is located in the southeast of the cathedral complex. It is a baroque building that was built on the site of the city's main mosque in 1705-1759.  

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Topic: Cathedral (Catedral de Granada) in Spain, resort of Granada.Cathedral (Catedral de Granada) in Spain, resort of Granada

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