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Imperial Baths in Germany, Trier Spa

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The Imperial Baths, located near the Rhine Museum of Local Lore in the city of Trier, are one of the most important ancient buildings that have survived to this day. In our time, the complex hosts various exhibitions

The construction of the thermal baths was started in the 3rd century and completed at the beginning of the 4th century during the reign of Emperor Constantine. The complex consisted of separate rooms with hot, warm and cold baths. There was also a gymnastics area. After the Roman era, the baths were rebuilt into a forum. Subsequently, they were also used by the Frankish duke as a residence.

Gradually, the baths began to decay and decay. Until our time, only the walls of the caldarium have survived, round tepidarium and palestra (playground for sports activities), as well as hypocaust – underground heating system.


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Topic: Imperial Baths in Germany, Trier Spa.Imperial Baths in Germany, Trier Spa

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