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Scottish monastery in Austria, Vienna resort

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Scottish Monastery is a male Catholic monastery. It is located in the central part of Vienna on Freyung Square.

1155 is considered to be the date of its foundation. The creation of the monastery was due to the fact that Henry II moved the ducal capital from Klosterneuburg to Vienna and he needed competent advisers. Thus, he moved the monks from the Scottish monastery of St. James, located in Regensburg, to Vienna.

It would be more correct to call Scottish monasteries Irish, since Irish monks founded monasteries in central Europe and became famous missionary work. The Irishman Saint Koloman was considered the patron saint of Austria.

The first church, built by monks at the beginning of the 12th century, burned down in 1276, but was later rebuilt.

Scottish monks founded the University of Vienna in 1365. In 1418, King Albrecht II of Germany handed over the Scottish monastery to the Benedictines, but the name has remained the same to this day.

In 1638, the church burned down from a lightning strike. The new complex of the monastery, which we see today, was built by architects Silvestro Carlone and Andrea d'Allio (junior). From the old building, an altar has survived, which is an example of Gothic and evidence of what Vienna was like in the 15th century (the altar shows a view of the city).

In 2005, a museum exhibition was opened in the monastery building.

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Topic: Scottish monastery in Austria, Vienna resort.Scottish monastery in Austria, Vienna resort

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