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Castel Nuovo in Italy, Naples resort

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Castel Nuovo, also known as Maschio Angino, is a castle located on the seaside in Naples.

Construction of the fortress began in 1279 under the supervision of military engineers from France, and lasted for three years.

The founder of the castle did not manage to move into the castle because of the beginning of the Sicilian Vespers. The first monk to live in the castle was the son of Charles II. Under him and his successors, the fortress remained the center of political life in southern Italy. It was here that Celestine the Fifth renounced the tiara and Boniface the Eighth was elected his successor.

During the reign of King Robert, the castle was improved, but soon destroyed by the army of Louis of Hungary. New fortifications were rebuilt by Queen Giovanna, which allowed the castle to withstand the siege of the Hungarian army. Later, the castle was fortified from cannon fire at the behest of Alphonse the Fifth. In the same period, a triumphal arch was erected above the gate, decorated with the image of the king's entry into the city.

In 1494, the fortress was again besieged by the enemy army. In October 1805, the fortress was seized by a Russian squadron led by Dmitry Senyavin. Until 2006, the City Council of Naples met in the Barons' Hall.


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Topic: Castel Nuovo in Italy, Naples resort.Castel Nuovo in Italy, Naples resort

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