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Castel del Ovo in Italy, Naples resort

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Castel del Ovo is a medieval castle located on an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The castle is connected with Naples by a narrow embankment. It is assumed that in the VI century BC. it was on this place that the city was founded by Greek colonists.

In the Roman era, a villa was built on the island by the commander Lucullus. During the reign of Emperor Valentinian the Third, the island was fortified, and in 476 the last emperor of Ravenna was removed here - – Romulus Augustulus. Later, for some time, the island was occupied by monks. In the 9th century, the townspeople were forced to demolish the fortifications.

The current castle was erected in 1139 by Roger of Sicily to protect Naples from the sea. A hundred years later, the royal court moved to the Castel Nuovo fortress, leaving the court institutions and the king's treasury in the old castle.

  In the 15th century, the castle was strengthened in case of shelling. This came in handy, since during the Italian Wars the fortress withstood French cannon fire.


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Topic: Castel del Ovo in Italy, Naples resort.Castel del Ovo in Italy, Naples resort

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