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Pinacoteca Brera in Italy, Milan resort

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The Pinacoteca Brera is one of the largest galleries in Milan, located in the eponymous palazzo, built in the Baroque style in the 16th – XVII centuries. The palace also houses the Academy of Arts.

In the collection of the gallery, visitors can see the works of such famous painters as Donato Bramante, Piero della Francesca, Raphael, Carpaccio, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Mantegnana, Tintoretto, etc. .

The gallery consists of 38 rooms with paintings, arranged according to painting schools (Tuscan, Venetian, Lombard) and in chronological order. Room X contains works by artists of the 20th century.

The following famous works can be seen in the gallery: 'The Dead Christ'; works by Mantegna, 'Pieta' by Giovanni Bellini, The Miracle of St. Mark by Tintoretto, The Sermon of Saint Mark in Alexandria works by Giovanni and Gentile Bellini, Madonna and Child with John the Evangelist and John the Baptist by Vincenzo Fopp, Portrait of Mois Kisling works by Modigliani, `` Altar of Montefeltro '' by Pietro della Francesca, The Betrothal of the Virgin Mary works by Raphael, `` Christ at the Column '' by Donato Bramante, The Kiss by Francesco Hayes and Dinner at Emmaus by Caravaggio.

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Topic: Pinacoteca Brera in Italy, Milan resort.Pinacoteca Brera in Italy, Milan resort

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