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Alpine Zoo in Austria, Innsbruck spa

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The Alpine Zoo is located on the side of Mount Nordkette. It is considered the highest alpine zoo in Europe and is located at an altitude of 727 meters.

A characteristic feature of the zoo is that it contains only representatives of the fauna that live in this particular section of the Alps. There are more than 2 thousand animals in the zoo, including birds and animals listed in the"Red Book". The living conditions of the animals are close to natural.

The zoo has a large cold aquarium where you can see local amphibians and fish.

the fact that you can watch the animals even in winter, provided that they do not go to sleep.

In 1984, a zoo was opened at the zoo, where teachers tell interesting stories about animals, you can also learn a lot by visiting the exhibition and the local library. dedicated to Tyrolean animals. For adults and children, the zoo constantly conducts excursions around the zoo. Also, scientific work is underway here to breed rare species of birds and animals. An interesting fact is that sick and wounded representatives of the fauna are nursed on the territory of the zoo, after which they are released, thereby maintaining the ecological balance.


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Topic: Alpine Zoo in Austria, Innsbruck spa.Alpine Zoo in Austria, Innsbruck spa

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