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Republic Square in France, Paris resort

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This square was laid out in the XIV century during the reign of Charles V. Before that, a city wall and a bastion were built here, which performed the most important functions in the defense of the city. The bastion was named after the Knights Templar.

This square began to be decorated in 1811, when Napoleon personally ordered the construction of a fountain in the center of the square, which also served as a water tower.

Until 1854, the square had no corners, but during the development of Paris it was planned to create a parade ground for the drill of the Guards troops. The Republic Square became rectangular, this shape has been preserved to this day.

In 1880, the square was decorated with a monument in the form of a woman, personifying the republican power. On the sides, the monument is decorated with bas-reliefs on a historical theme.

Despite its not too large size, Place de la Republique is the second largest intersection in Paris, second only to Place de Gaulle. The rectangle acts as a connecting link for 9 streets, avenues and boulevards.  


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Topic: Republic Square in France, Paris resort.Republic Square in France, Paris resort

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