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Principalmarkt in Germany, resort Munster

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The Principalmarkt is a historic street in Munster. The Principalmarkt's unique image is formed by a series of arcades located on both sides of the street on the first floors of buildings.

In the 12th century, the Principalmarkt was known as Marktstra & szlig; e, which means Market Street. The modern building of the street arose at the turn of the XIII – XIV centuries. The street got its current name at the beginning of the 17th century.

During the Second World War, almost all buildings on the street were destroyed. The reconstruction of the street began only in 1947, while the architects tried to accurately reproduce the pre-war buildings, practically excluding the use of modern technologies and building materials. The restoration work was completed only by 1958.

Since the Middle Ages, the lower floors of the Principalmarkt buildings have been used as retail outlets. In 2005, the shopping arcade was moved to the M & uuml; nster-Arkaden shopping center, but there was a fear that the historical part of the city, due to the lack of retail outlets, would come to an `` extinction '', in connection with which it was decided to place cafes and small shops in the arcades .

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Topic: Principalmarkt in Germany, resort Munster.Principalmarkt in Germany, resort Munster

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