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Ancient city of Tindari in Italy, resort of Sicily

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The city of Tindari is located on the north-eastern coast of Sicily, on a promontory. The city was founded by Dionysus of Syracuse in 396 BC

The city got its name in honor of the ruler of Sparta Tindarius. The city was later destroyed by two earthquakes and a landslide.

Tyndari was discovered during archaeological excavations in 1838. Most of the ruins were raised to the surface in 1960-1998. During the excavations, Roman sculptures, mosaics and pottery were discovered and transported to the local museum. The ruins of the city walls and the Temple of the Black Madonna are also well preserved.

According to historians, the city walls were three kilometers long and consisted of two parallel walls, between which there was a small gap. Two towers led to the top of the walls, and today you can see a part of the preserved antique staircase here. In the southwest, there was the main city gate, framed by two towers and protected by a battlement with battlements.

Here on the cape was a Greek amphitheater, built in the Roman era. Nowadays, theatrical and musical performances are often held on the stage of the amphitheater.

In the Temple of the Black Madonna, located at the very edge of the cape, there was previously a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, created from cedar. The statue was black. Historians claim that the statue was moved to the temple during the iconoclastic period. In 1544, the temple was destroyed by Algerian pirates. Several decades later, the building was completely restored. Every year in September, it hosts a festival dedicated to the Black Madonna.

Also noteworthy are the Marinelo Lakes, located at the foot of the promontory, which are a sandy formation with small bodies of water in the central part. According to one of the widespread legends, this place was formed after a little girl fell from the terrace of the temple. The child was found alive and well. Another legend says that Pope Eusebio, who had recently become pope, died on this place in 310 AD.

There is a cave near the beach, according to legend, a witch lived in it, who lured sailors singing and then devouring them.

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Topic: Ancient city of Tindari in Italy, resort of Sicily.Ancient city of Tindari in Italy, resort of Sicily

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