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Ambrosiana Library in Italy, Milan resort

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The Ambrosian Library was established by Archbishop and Cardinal Federico Borromeo. It got its name in honor of the father of the church Ambrose of Mediolansky, who was the patron saint and bishop of the city.

The construction of the building began in 1603 and ended in 1609. The oldest manuscripts were transferred to the library from the monastery of St. Columban. Soon a printing house was opened here, and there was also a school of classical languages in the building. Later, the library included the Pinakothek and the Accademia, founded by Borromeo.

During the Second World War, the library was seriously damaged, but was soon restored. The last restoration work was carried out here in the 90s of the XX century.

Today, within the walls of the library there are 12 manuscripts of Da Vinci, Virgil with the marginals of Petrarch and illustrations by Simone Martini, an illuminated edition of the Iliad, numerous drawings by European painters of the XIV – 19th century and many other values.

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Topic: Ambrosiana Library in Italy, Milan resort.Ambrosiana Library in Italy, Milan resort

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