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Church am Steinhof in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Am Steinhof Church is a church attached to a psychiatric hospital. It is the most significant and famous building in Vienna, which is made in the Art Nouveau style.

The Psychiatric Hospital Am Steinhof is not only a medical institution, but a masterpiece of architectural art. The visiting card and the most significant building of the hospital is the Church of St. Leopold or the Church of Am Steinhof.

The architect of the hospital complex was Otto Wagner. The church is a large cubic building with a golden dome. Two small bell towers are decorated with seated statues of Saints Leopold and Severin. The stained glass windows of the church depict the images of the same saints, which were made according to the sketches of Kolo Moser.

The interiors of the church are arranged taking into account the characteristics of the parishioners (the mentally ill):
  • All corners are rounded.
  • The altar is separated from the main hall for the parishioners. Initially, even the benches were divided for anxious and calm parishioners.
  • Unlike ordinary churches, the confessionals here are relatively open.
  • The traditional bowls of holy water have been replaced by streams of constantly flowing water at the entrance .

The Church of Am Steinhof does not belong to the Vienna diocese and has its own separate status.

In the fall of 2006, after the restoration, the church reopened doors for parishioners and tourists. There are paid tours of the church on Saturdays.

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Topic: Church am Steinhof in Austria, Vienna spa.Church am Steinhof in Austria, Vienna spa

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