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Sainte-Chapelle in France, Paris resort

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The Holy Chapel is part of the Conciergerie architectural ensemble. According to the latest polls, the chapel is in third place in the ranking of the most visited attractions in Paris, behind only the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame de Paris.

  The chapel was built 7 centuries later after the official construction of the Conciergerie on the personal order of King Louis IX in 1242. Construction lasted almost 6 years.

Initially, this chapel was conceived as an antiquary – a place where Christian shrines should be kept. The main shrines transported primarily from the captured by the Turks of Constantinople were the Crown of Thorns, the Spear of Destiny, as well as part of the Cross of the Lord. The storage of shrines of this level required special conditions, which also automatically raised the status of France in the Christian world.

The final construction of the chapel was completed by 1248. The royal treasury regularly allocated funds for the maintenance and restoration of the chapel. Thus, the most significant restoration was the replacement of the spiers of the towers in the 15th century, as well as the complete restoration of the main stained-glass window.

The Great Revolution caused serious damage to both the external finish and the interior of the chapel. Some of the holy relics were completely lost, the Crown of Thorns was transferred to Notre Dame, a number of decorations were distributed to other Parisian churches. The surviving relics are now kept in the Paris National Library.

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Topic: Sainte-Chapelle in France, Paris resort.Sainte-Chapelle in France, Paris resort

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