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Castelvecchio in Italy, Verona resort

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Castelvecchio is a beautiful castle located on the Adige coast in Verona. Translated from Italian `` Castel Vecchio '' means 'old castle'.

The construction of the castle was started in 1354 and finished in 1376. The castle was built during the reign of the Scaligers and originally served as a fortification. The castle was originally named San Martino al Ponte after the nearby temple of St. Martin, fragments of which were unearthed during archaeological excavations. The castle got its current name in the 15th century after a more modern castle was erected in the city on the hill of San Pietro.

The castle was built of red bricks. The inner towers and courtyards of the castle complex include fragments of the old city walls from the Roman era. There are six towers along the perimeter of the castle. The castle is connected with the left-bank part of Verona by the Scaliger bridge, built in the middle of the 14th century.

Nowadays, the castle houses the Municipal Museum of Castelvecchio. The museum presents to the attention of visitors a rich collection of sculpture and painting. The foundation of the museum took place in 1923, but it opened to the general public only in the 1970s after the reconstruction work.

The museum was divided into twenty-six rooms, which house works of art from different eras ... In the first room you can see the Romanesque sculpture of Veneto, as well as works of XII – XIII centuries. It is worth highlighting the shrine of Saints Bacchus and Sergius, the head of the Duchento era, dating from the 13th century. Also adjoining the hall is the apse, which contains the works of Longobard art.

The second and third halls contain works by the sculptor Trecento, the most notable are – `` Crucifixion '', `` Madonna and Child '', `` Saint Libera '' and others.

In the fourth room you can watch the Crucifixion with John the Evangelist and Madonna, which was brought here from the Cathedral of San Giacomo di Tomba.

In the fifth room, sculptures of the Quattrocento period deserve attention - – `` Saint Martin and the Poor Man '', `` Saint Peter in the pulpit, panel Prophets. There is also a huge bell, cast in 1370, which was previously located in the tower del Gardello.

Also worth a visit are the other halls, which show masterpieces of such famous masters as Peter Rubens, Giovanni Bellini, Alvise Vivarni, Bartolomeo Mantagna, Francesco Morone, Domenico Morone, Carlo Crivelli, Paolo Farinati, Francesco Guardi and others.

Castelvecchio Castle, along with other attractions in Verona, was included in the World Heritage List UNESCO.

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