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Ancient Roman amphitheater in Croatia, Pula resort

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The ancient Roman amphitheater is one of the most famous architectural monuments of the city. It was built on the site of a smaller amphitheater during the reign of Vespasian. Limestone was used for its construction. The amphitheater accommodated over 20,000 spectators.

The amphitheater has an oval shape, 100 meters wide and 130 meters long. In the center there was an arena where gladiator battles were held, and a little later - knightly tournaments. The entrance to the arena was provided through the Front Gate. On the left and right sides of them were chambers where gladiators and wild animals were located. The victors left the arena through the Triumphal Gates, and the dead or dying gladiators were carried out through the gates of Death.

Spectators were seated on wide stone steps. They were protected from possible attacks by wild animals by a moat filled with water, surrounded by a lattice.

In the 15th century, some of the stones from the building of the amphitheater were used for the construction of other structures in Pula. Since then, the amphitheater has been restored several times, and currently holds about 5,000 spectators. In summer, various performances and festivals take place here, for example, a film festival, an equestrian festival.

Also, the amphitheater has underground passages, which were used by gladiators in ancient times. Now they display artifacts of the archaeological museum, telling about the local olive and wine industry of ancient times (mechanisms for the production of wine and olive oil,

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Topic: Ancient Roman amphitheater in Croatia, Pula resort.Ancient Roman amphitheater in Croatia, Pula resort

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