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Place de la Bastille in France, Paris resort

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The current Place de la Bastille is one of the main squares in Paris, the intersection of ten streets, the borders of five Parisian arrondissements and the site of one of the most important junctions of the Parisian metro.

The Bastille was built in the 13th century. The fortress immediately began to function as a prison for especially dangerous political prisoners. Over the centuries of its existence until the destruction in 1789, many representatives of the aristocracy visited here, among the prisoners there were also mental patients and the most bloodthirsty murderers. The Bastille was taken by the rebels in the early days of the Great Revolution. A year later, nothing remained of the centuries-old fortress. The resulting wasteland became the venue for annual folk festivals in honor of the anniversary of the revolution. Plate, established after the fall of the Bastille, it read: `` Here you must dance. '' The tradition of folk festivals is still maintained.

Napoleon, in honor of his legendary victories in Africa, ordered the construction of a fountain in the shape of an African elephant. The copper structure remained in the project, they only managed to make a model of gypsum, which stood from 1813 to 1846. When dismantled, it was revealed that the future monument had become a breeding ground for rats.

In 1840, the July Column was erected on the square in memory of the 1830 revolution. At the top of the bronze monument is a gilded monument called The Genius of Freedom.

Between 1859 and 1969, Place de la Bastille was the square of a train station. Since 1970, various exhibitions have been held in the station building. And by 1989, a new Paris Opera was built on the site of the station building. The construction of the opera was timed to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the Great Revolution.

Today, popular festivities, numerous parades, processions and rallies are held on the Place de la Bastille. Every Sunday in the square, a roller skating race starts, which is popular from all over the world.


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Topic: Place de la Bastille in France, Paris resort.Place de la Bastille in France, Paris resort

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