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Wies Pilgrimage Church in Germany

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Pilgrimage Church in Vis – oval church, created in the Bavarian Rococo style by the architect Dominik Zimmermann, who lived in Vis for the last decade of his life.

The church stands at the foot of the Alps. In 1738, an unprecedented flow of pilgrims was noted here. This is due to the fact that tears appeared on the statue of the Savior. Two years later, a chapel was built in the house where this miracle happened. But there was no end to the visitors, and the chapel could not accommodate everyone. Then it was decided to build a pilgrimage temple in Vis.

Zimmermann oversaw the construction, which lasted from 1745 to 1754. The exterior of the church is modest and austere, while the interior interiors are decorated with rich stucco moldings that will dazzle the unprepared. It is hard to imagine that such a magnificently decorated building would be found in a small village. So Zimmermann wanted to convey a feeling of religious ecstasy.

By the 19th century, the pilgrimage to Vis stopped, the popularity of Rococo dropped sharply, so the question arose about the demolition of a dilapidated church. However, the locals opposed, and the church was even later included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This event gave her world fame and a second life: the church was carefully restored by 1991.

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Topic: Wies Pilgrimage Church in Germany.Wies Pilgrimage Church in Germany

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