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Museum of Globes in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Globe Museum is the world's only public collection of globes. The museum is located in the same building as the Austrian National Library, in the Mollard Palace.

The Globe Museum was founded in 1956 on the basis of the Austrian National Library's collection of globes. Many of the globes presented here came to the library from small collections of the emperors of Austria or were donated or purchased.

In 1921 the geographer Eugen Oberhummer took an inventory of the collection, during which he found two armillary spheres and 8 globes of different sizes. In 1922, all globes discovered by the geographer were transferred to the Geographical Collection, and by 1948 the collection consisted of 28 globes.

The Globe Museum was created thanks to the globe collector Robert Hardt and the work of enthusiasts. Initially, only 63 exhibits were displayed in the museum. Over the course of 30 years, the collection has reached 145 objects, through gifts, purchases and exchanges with other museums. In 1996, 260 exhibits were exhibited in the museum.

Throughout its existence, the museum has moved several times from room to room. Since December 2005, he has been housed in the Mallard Palace. In addition to its own collection of globes, private collections of globes are also exhibited here, which have been transferred to the museum for long-term storage.

The museum exhibits globes of different sizes (human height and very small), fabrics for globes , various astronomical instruments. The oldest globe kept in the museum is Gemma Frisius's globe (1536). Tellurium is one of the most interesting exhibits. Tellurium is a tool for demonstrating the movement of the earth around its axis. This device consists of the globe and the moon, which revolves around it, at one end, and the simplest model of the Sun, which consists of a candle and a reflecting copper disk, at the other.
By 2009, the collection of the museum of globes totaled 590 items.

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Topic: Museum of Globes in Austria, Vienna spa.Museum of Globes in Austria, Vienna spa

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