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Secession (Secession House) in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Secession House is an exhibition pavilion that is one of the most significant monuments of Austrian Art Nouveau architecture. It was built in 1897-1898 by the architect Josef Maria Olbrich.

The Secession building is a few large parallelepipeds. The central building is crowned with a gilded openwork dome decorated with 700 berries and 3000 gilded laurel leaves.

After the construction of the Secession, the local population was very wary of its appearance, as the building was very different and stood out among all other buildings. But over time, Art Nouveau took a significant place among various styles of art, and the Secession became a fashionable landmark in Vienna.    

Today, the Secession House hosts various shows and installations. The ground floor of the pavilion houses the only permanent exhibition - The Beethoven Breeze, created by Gustav Klimt. This exposition is a huge 34-meter virtuoso pictorial interpretation of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, considered one of the pearls of Austrian Art Nouveau.  


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Topic: Secession (Secession House) in Austria, Vienna spa.Secession (Secession House) in Austria, Vienna spa

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