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Tram Museum in Austria, Vienna spa

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Vienna's Tram Museum is one of the largest such museums in the world. More than a hundred public vehicles are represented here. They are housed in the former Erberg coach house.

The museum was opened in 1966, at the same time an attraction began to be held - traveling around the city on an old tram.
In the museum you can see the very first tram, which appeared in 1868, instead of the engine, horses were used, pulling the carriages along the city streets. Also exhibited here, which appeared in 1886, trams with a steam engine. The first electric tram (1900) still runs through the streets of the Austrian capital.

In addition to exploring old trams, For museum visitors, guided tours of the old city of Vienna on one of the historic trams are organized.  
The museum also provides the service of renting one historic tram for any celebration - wedding, anniversary, engagement, and so on. In such cases, the tram will be decorated with ribbons, flowers, even tables will be laid and music will be provided.  

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Topic: Tram Museum in Austria, Vienna spa.Tram Museum in Austria, Vienna spa

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