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Trinity Church in Austria, Salzburg resort

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Trinity Church is an important religious building and the largest church building that dates back to the reign of the princes-bishops in Salzburg on the right bank of the Salzach River.

The church was built from 1694 to 1702. The building of the temple is symmetrical. The idea of building the church and seminary belongs to Johann Ernst von Thun. The church opened its doors to parishioners in 1699, although the construction was not yet completed. The building of the temple was designed by Johann Bernard Fischer von Erlach.

Initially, the church towers were low, but they were enlarged a little later. The bell tower was built in 1757, and after a major fire in the city in 1818 the upper tips of the towers were completed.

Above the outer church portal in the attic in front of the dome are four statues that symbolize Faith, Love, Hope and Divine wisdom. All statues were created by B.M. Mandl. Between the figures, there is a double coat of arms of the Prince-Bishop of Thun, associated with the coat of arms of Salzburg.

The interior of the church is an elongated oval with four small vaulted beams, over which a dome rises. The large fresco of the dome was made in 1697-1700 by T.M. Rottmayr.   The fresco depicts the coronation of Mary with the Holy Trinity with the support of the prophets, 10 holy popes, the Archangel Michael and other angels and church patriarchs.

The main altar was created in 1700 according to the project of Fischer von Erlach. It was redesigned in 1841, and in 1947 they returned to their original appearance. On the side altars there are gorgeous statues of angels.

In the left wing of the church is the tomb of the Order of St. Rupert, in which the heart of Johann Ernst von Thun rests in a sarcophagus.


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Topic: Trinity Church in Austria, Salzburg resort.Trinity Church in Austria, Salzburg resort

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