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Fikuzza in Italy, Sicily resort

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Fikuzza is one of the largest nature reserves in Western Sicily. The reserve is located near Palermo in the mountains.

In Palermo, there is the former hunting residence of Fikuzza. It was here that Ferdinando the First liked to stay.

The king commissioned Giuseppe Venenzio Marvuglier to design two royal residences in the surrounding areas of Palermo. The first residence was built in the style of the Chinese renaissance, the second - and ndash; in a simpler style with baroque elements. The Fikuzza house had a secret passage and a wine cellar. The villa was built from local stone.

Currently, the vast territory of the reserve is open to tourists only partially. Most recently, the natural resources of Fikuzza were in serious danger, but the reserve is now in good hands. The palace itself was seriously damaged and plundered by vandals. In 1942, German troops operated here, which left the territory of the reserve in a deplorable state. For many years, experts have made attempts to restore the fauna of Fikuzza. These attempts, fortunately, were crowned with success, and now Fikuzza is regaining its natural beauty and diversity.


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Topic: Fikuzza in Italy, Sicily resort.Fikuzza in Italy, Sicily resort

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