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Church of Saint Trofim in France, resort of Arles

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Church of St. Trofim – Roman Catholic Church, built over three centuries from the XII century. The church is considered a model of Romanesque architecture, and the sculptures under the church portal, and especially sculptures depicting the Last Judgment, are considered examples of stone work.

The church stands on the site of St. Stephen's Basilica St. Stephen's , built in V century. The church was completed by the beginning XII century, and in the XV century to the nave, made in the Romanesque style, Gothic choirs were completed. By this time, Arles had become the second largest city in Provence. Under him there was I the largest port on the Rhone River, and next to the city was the so-called `` Kingdom of Burgundy '' - two city formations surrounded by a single wall. The kingdom was of interest to many religious leaders and representatives of various orders: the Hospitallers, Templars, and so on. This influenced the construction of even more churches and cathedrals in the city.

The Church of St. Trofim is distinguished from the rest by a long central nave, reaching 20 meters in height; on either side of it there are two side naves; the transept supports a central square bell tower.

The western portal of the church, which is a unique example of Romanesque sculpture, presents the history of the apocalypse according to the gospel of John and Matthew. In the center of the composition – Jesus Christ, seated surrounded by the symbols of the four evangelists (this the angel of St. Matthew, the eagle of St. John, the Lion of St. Mark, the bull of St. Luke ) and the timpani. Above him – the apostles. To the right of the portal are the sinners for whom hellish torments are prepared, and to the left are the chosen Christians who will go to heaven. Other biblical scenes are also displayed here.

The lower part of the portal is decorated with pilasters and columns decorated with various sculptures. On this part of the portal are the statues of the Saints worshiped by the people of Arles.

The monastery built in the second half XII of the century, intended for canons and priests assisting the bishop. They began to build it with a refectory located next to the church; after the completion of the northern and eastern galleries at the beginning of the XIII century, construction was suspended. The southern and western galleries of the monastery were built at the end XIV century, the style of these buildings is significantly different from the earlier ones.

North gallery is decorated with carvings, dedicated to the rites of Easter and glorifying the patron saints of the city. The columns of the eastern gallery depict scenes from the life of Christ and biblical subjects in general. The columns of the southern gallery are dedicated exclusively to the life and deeds of St. Trofim.

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Topic: Church of Saint Trofim in France, resort of Arles.Church of Saint Trofim in France, resort of Arles

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