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Val-de-Grasse in France, Paris resort

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The architectural ensemble of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, consisting of a modern military hospital, as well as several surviving premises of the former monastery and church.

Val- de Grasse was on the personal initiative of Anne of Austria in 1621 as a monastery. The French queen actively financed this place until the end of her life, allocating money for interior decoration. A few years before her death, Anna ordered to add a church to the monastery, the final construction work was completed only in 1647.

The queen did not live to see the completion of the construction for only a year, dying in one from the apartments of the monastery.

In the first year of the Great Revolution, in 1789, Like all monasteries in France, the Val-de-Grasse was abolished and turned into a military hospital, where the first persons of the country are treated to this day.

Part of the monastery premises was given to a military medical school , the first educational institution in Europe with the status of a university clinic.

In the 20th century, the architectural ensemble of Val-de-Grasse was supplemented with modern medical buildings, where one of the best clinics in France is now located. Part of the former premises of the monastery is available for excursions, the church, built under Anna of Austria, has survived to this day intact and is also open for tourists.


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Topic: Val-de-Grasse in France, Paris resort.Val-de-Grasse in France, Paris resort

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