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Hospital de Tavera in Spain, Toledo resort

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The second name of this hospital is – Hospital of St. John the Baptist. It began to be built in 1541 by order of the Toledo Archbishop Juan Padro de Tavera. This hospital – one of the few buildings in the city built in the Renaissance style. In general, the building was completed in 1603. The construction of the outer walls was finally completed in the 18th century.

The entire hospital is distinguished by its strict simplicity. The courtyard is divided by a portico extending from the doors of the hospital church. This one-nave church is shaped like a Latin cross. It is crowned with a dome held on 4 sails. In the very center of the church, you can see the de Tavere mausoleum.

In 1940, a museum was set up in the left wing of the hospital. Items were stored in it, which reflect the life of high society in the 16th and 17th centuries: paintings, carpets, tapestries, furniture and much more.

In the dining room of the hospital, you can see the whipping of Carda the Fifth on horseback by Sanchez Coelho. In general, the building houses many works of famous artists such as El Greco, Riber, Tintoretto and others.

The hospital also houses a 17th century pharmacy, which displays the devices of that time.


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Topic: Hospital de Tavera in Spain, Toledo resort.Hospital de Tavera in Spain, Toledo resort

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