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Kairouan in Tunis

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Kairouan is the first Muslim city in Africa to be the religious center of Muslims. It was founded in 670. Throughout the history of its existence, it has been destroyed many times and, starting only from the XIII century, began to slowly revive.

Currently, about 110 thousand people live in the city and in addition to the old city there are modern neighborhoods where hotels, administrative buildings, banks, etc. are located.

There are many historical and sacred monuments in Kairouan:
  • The Great Mosque or Sidi Okba Mosque built in 688. It gives the impression of a fortress, thanks to the brick wall and watchtower. The inner courtyard of the mosque is paved with white marble slabs and decorated with antique columns. The majestic prayer hall is decorated with many columns taken from the Byzantine and Roman monuments of Carthage and Hadrumet.
  • The Three Doors Mosque was founded by a wealthy Andalusian merchant in 866. Its facade, which is formed by three arches, is of interest. The portal of the mosque is decorated with a frieze with Kufic characters.
  • Bradobreya Mosque is the mausoleum of Sidi Sahaba, built in the 14th century. Around the grave of the prophet's barber was built a whole complex of buildings, including a mosque, utility and living quarters, a madrasah for religious education.
  • Museum of folk traditions and arts, which is also called the mosque of sabers. Collections of jewelry, sabers, pottery, costumes and household items are on display here.
  • Another attraction of the city are two water purification pools, which have survived from large hydraulic structures built in the 9th century.

Kairouan is famous for its carpets. In shops you can buy carpets of a wide variety of types and shapes, richly decorated with patterns.

In 1988, the city of Kairouan was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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