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Hotel Negresco in France, Nice resort

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Hotel Negresco - the famous hotel in Nice, located on the Promenade des Anglais. This luxury hotel, made in a neoclassical style, is rightfully considered a symbol of the Cote d'Azur. The hotel was opened in January 1913 by Henri Negresco, after whom it was named. The construction and decoration of the hotel cost 3 million gold francs. Among the celebrities who have stayed at this hotel are Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, Camus.

The pink dome of the Royal Salon of the hotel has a metal frame forged in the Eiffel workshop. Under the dome is a magnificent four-meter chandelier made at the Baccarat glass factory. I must say that two such chandeliers were made - – one for Henri Negresco, and the second for Emperor Nicholas II. Nicholas II placed his in the Grand Kremlin Palace.

The salon of Louis XIV, adjacent to the Royal Salon, is notable for the fact that its ceiling was created in the XIV century: it was taken out of the castle by the niece of Cardinal Mazarin , Maria Mancini. There is also a ten-ton fireplace from the Otfort castle.

The hotel has 121 rooms and 24 apartments, the design of which is not repeated. Each floor is decorated in its own style: the second floor is decorated with paintings from the early XX century, the third is decorated in the style of Louis XV, the fourth floor is – in the Empire style, and the fifth – in the style of the court of Napoleon III. The hotel receptionist is always dressed in 19th century style.

The hotel's gourmet restaurant Chauntecleer regularly receives top awards from restaurant guides.

After World War I, Negresco was forced to sell the hotel to Belgian investors. Since 1957, members of the Ogier family, the new owners of the hotel, have been restoring its former glory. They succeeded and today the hotel houses an exhibition of paintings, classical and modern, and its decoration is still luxurious. In 2003, the hotel was included in the list of architectural sites of historical importance in France.

From our contemporaries, guests of Negresco the hotel was Michael Jackson, Catherine Deneuve, Charles   Aznavour, Pablo Picasso, Gina Lollobrigia and others.

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Topic: Hotel Negresco in France, Nice resort.Hotel Negresco in France, Nice resort

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