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Municipal Museum in Italy, Rimini resort

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Today the City Museum is housed in the building of the former Jesuit monastery, built in the 18th century by Alfonso Torreggiani – an architect from Bologna.

From 1797 to 1977, the monastery housed a hospital, which was originally a military hospital, and later - – municipal.

The museum consists of 40 galleries, which contain exhibits, introducing the history of the city and its surrounding areas. In the courtyard of the monastery there is a garden where you can observe a collection of ancient Roman epigraphy.

On the ground floor there is a section dedicated to the local fashion designer Rene Gruo. There is also a collection of sculptures, ceramics and bronze items, coins, which were discovered during archaeological excavations.

The Art Gallery is located on the second and third floors of the museum, where the masterpieces of the XIV – XIX centuries. here are the works of such famous artists as Simone Cantarini, Il Centino, Giovanni Battista Costa, Guido Cagnacci, Il Guercino, etc.

The section of the Middle Ages is also worth visiting, which contains many interesting exhibits XIV century.


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Topic: Municipal Museum in Italy, Rimini resort.Municipal Museum in Italy, Rimini resort

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