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Ponte Vecchio bridge in Italy, resort of Florence

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The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence across the Arno River, located opposite the Uffizi Gallery at the narrowest point of the river.

Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge that has survived in its original form. Construction of the bridge began on the site of three previous bridges: the first bridge was erected in the Roman era, the second bridge collapsed in 1117, the third bridge was demolished in 1333 during a flood.

The current bridge was built in 1345 by Neri di Fioravanti, who was able to create a solid and graceful structure, consisting of three arches. A distinctive feature of the bridge is the buildings squeezing on both sides. In the XIV century, due to various transformations, the straight line of the buildings was disrupted. A row of houses in the center of the bridge spans turns into an open area, from where a wonderful view of the river and other bridges of Florence opens.

Above the buildings is the Vasari Corridor, named after the architect who built it for this purpose. so that Duke Casimo the First could pass easily from the Pitti Palace to the Vecchio Palace. Since XVI   centuries, the bridge's shops were turned into workshops and jewelry shops. At that time, it began to be called the Golden Bridge. In 1966, during the flood, some of the jewelry shops were badly damaged.

There is also a bust of the sculptor and musician Benventuo Cellini on the bridge. There are currently ten bridges in the city. Until 1957, only six bridges passed through the Arno, which were rebuilt several times over the course of centuries. At the end of World War II, all bridges were reconstructed except for the Ponte Vecchio.


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Topic: Ponte Vecchio bridge in Italy, resort of Florence.Ponte Vecchio bridge in Italy, resort of Florence

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