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Wachau Valley, Austria, Lower Austria

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The Wachau Valley is located between the ancient cities of Melk and Krems, just 80 kilometers from Vienna. The mild climate in this area is created by the hills surrounding the valley and the Danube River, thanks to which the Wachau is surrounded by greenery and is famous for its fruits and wine. Most recently, the Wachau Valley was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

During the Middle Ages, the valley was owned by the Kuenringes, who were reputed to be ship robbers. The Kunring family also owned the Durnstein and Aggstein castles located in the north and south of the Danube. After the Kunring was defeated, their fortresses were reduced to ruins. According to legend, Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned in one of the Kunring castles. However, this is just a legend, – at the time, Richard was in one of the Viennese prisons.

In the 19th century, thanks to the painters, the Wachau Valley became the most popular. After the end of World War II, there is a second peak in the development of tourism, largely due to the production of Austrian cinema.

In the 1970s, it was planned to build a hydropower station in Wachau to increase the volume of electricity, as well as improve the water messages. These plans, however, were canceled due to the protests of the population living in the valley.

There are many natural, historical and architectural monuments in the valley. The Church of St. Michael is worth a visit, originally serving as a fortification against the Turkish army.

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Topic: Wachau Valley, Austria, Lower Austria.Wachau Valley, Austria, Lower Austria

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