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Tempio Malatesta in Italy, Rimini resort

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Cathedral of Tempio Malatesta is a temple-mausoleum located in the very center of the historical part of the city. The temple is a striking example of the Franciscan Gothic of the 13th century. The author of the project was Leona Battista Alberti.

The construction of the temple began in the 1440s at the direction of Sigismund Malotest, who planned to build a small church with a family mausoleum. The construction work was supervised by the master Matteo de Pasti, and Alberti himself supervised the construction of the basilica from Rome. Alberti planned to build a magnificent temple from such an unremarkable church. During construction, the project was completely redesigned: a new facade and vault were created, and the choir was renewed. In the middle of the 15th century, two memorial chapels were created in the temple in honor of Sigismund and Isotta – his third wife. However, the architect did not manage to complete his project, as the construction was delayed due to financial difficulties.

The temple currently houses Giotto's work The Crucifixion, completed in 1312 and a fresco by Pietro della Francesca.


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Topic: Tempio Malatesta in Italy, Rimini resort.Tempio Malatesta in Italy, Rimini resort

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