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Hamburg station in Germany, Berlin resort

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Hamburg Station – the old station building in Berlin, which houses the branch of the New National Gallery. One of the most popular museums dedicated to contemporary art in the city.

Built in 1846-1847 in the classicist style, the building is today the only remaining dead-end station, the oldest station in Germany. However, the station is no longer used for its intended purpose. Not far from the station is the Charite Clinic, and new cultural institutions are gradually growing around it.

The building has an imposing high arched gate that used to let locomotives into the turning circle in front of the building. In 1870   the gate was no longer needed because a transborder was installed to turn the locomotives. By 1916, two wings were added to the building, giving it a modern look, facing the street. As a result of the next reconstruction (1990 – 1996) the station turned into a museum. In addition to the exhibition halls, a bookstore   and a restaurant.

Currently, the Hamburg Station houses the popular tourist museum of the Modern Age.

Berlin construction magnate Erich Marks in the mid-1980s of the 1980s donated his private art collection to the city. A couple of years later, the Senate of West Berlin decided to equip the station building as a museum with financial support from the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. A competition was held for the best project of the museum, the victory was won by Josef Paul Kleihuis. The Museum of Modernity was solemnly   opened in 1996 with an exhibition of works by photographer and artist Sigmar Polke.

Today, the museum exhibits works by outstanding artists: Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Richard Long, Cy Twombly and others. Erich Marx's original collection was replenished with items from the National Gallery collection. It has been exhibiting since 2004 the collection of Friedrich Christian Flick, the grandson of Friedrich Flick, an industrialist who made his fortune on military supplies under the fascist regime. He was convicted by the International Military Tribunal at the famous Nuremberg Trials. Therefore, the origin of Flick's collection was considered dubious, caused rumors and an ambiguous attitude towards the exhibition. To mitigate public unrest, Friedrich Christian Flick donated 116 exhibits from his collection to the Museum of Modernity. This gift is widely regarded as the museum's most significant acquisition since the war.


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Topic: Hamburg station in Germany, Berlin resort.Hamburg station in Germany, Berlin resort

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