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Scicli in Italy, Sicily resort

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Scicli is a city located in the province of Ragusa. Along with other cities, Val di Noto Scicli was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

According to historians, the first people of modern Scicli lived here in the Copper Age, and a permanent settlement existed here already in the bronze age. The city was founded by the Siculs in about 300 BC

During the Middle Ages, Schikli was ruled by the Arabs. In 1091 the city was conquered by Roger the First. In 1282, the city took part in the Sicilian Vespers.

In 1693, after a devastating earthquake, part of Scicli was rebuilt and acquired the style of the Sicilian Baroque. In town, it is worth visiting the Basilica of San Matteo, the Church of Saint Ignatius and the Basilica of Santa Maria la Nova, famous for its neoclassical facade. Also of interest are Palazzo Fava, Palazzo Spadaro, City Hall and Palazzo Beneventano.

Episodes of many famous films have been filmed in the city more than once, most recently the film"The Wedding Planner" was filmed here. Marco Bellokchio. The city of Scicli is also famous for its religious holidays, especially – Adoration of the Baby Jesus.

Worth visiting for Easter, the Uomo Vivo parade takes place here these days. Also of interest is the religious festival held in honor of Madonna dei Milici.

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Topic: Scicli in Italy, Sicily resort.Scicli in Italy, Sicily resort

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