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Piazza Pretoria in Italy, Sicily resort

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Piazza Pretoria is one of the central squares of the city, located near Quatro Canti. The square is decorated with a Baroque ensemble and a Mannerist fountain.

Three sides of the square are surrounded by the churches of San Giuseppe dei Teatini, Santa Catarina, and Palazzo Pretorio. The palace was erected in 1463 and rebuilt in the Baroque style in the 17th century. Initially, the building of the palace was intended for the Palermitan Senate. Since the 19th century, the building has housed the city hall.

In the central part of the square, there is a grandiose fountain. The composition of the fountain consists of a series of pools, decorated with statues of mythological characters, fantastic monsters and animals. Most of the human figures are naked, which came as a shock to the godly townspeople. after which the fountain was popularly nicknamed the 'fountain of shame'.

The fountain was created in Tuscany by the mannerist Francesco Camigliana in the middle of the 16th century, especially for the residence of Pedro Toledo. After Pedro's death, his son sold the fountain to the townspeople. In 1574, the disassembled fountain was transported to Palermo.


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Topic: Piazza Pretoria in Italy, Sicily resort.Piazza Pretoria in Italy, Sicily resort

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