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Leinzer Tiergarten in Vienna, Austria

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Leinzer Tiergarten is a nature reserve located in the southwest of the city. Its area is slightly over 24 square kilometers. 80% of the reserve is covered with forest.

The Leinzer Tiergarten reserve was founded in 1561 as a hunting area, where only members of the family of Ferdinand I were allowed. But since 1919 it has been open to the public.

The reserve got its name from the word Lainz - this is an area inside Hitzing (administrative district of Vienna) and the word Tiergarten, which translates as a zoo. But Leinzer Tiergarten is not an ordinary zoo, there are no enclosures or cages.

There are many wild animals in the park, such as fallow deer, mouflons, deer, wild boars and others. Visitors to the reserve can observe the behavior of animals in their natural habitat.


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Topic: Leinzer Tiergarten in Vienna, Austria.Leinzer Tiergarten in Vienna, Austria

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