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Natural Park”Aveto” in Italy, Genoa resort

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Natural Park"Aveto" is one of the most ecologically important territories of the Ligurian Apennines.

According to historians, the first settlements appeared here 7   000 years ago. In those days, people began to hunt and create vast pastures for livestock. During the Roman era, the Aveto valleys were completely colonized. The monks who arrived from San Pietro in Chiel d'Oro trained the local population in agricultural techniques and also helped in land reclamation. In 1797, the park became part of the Genoese Republic. During the Second World War, several detachments of partisans operated in the park.

Territorially, the park occupies 30 km 2. It includes three valleys. The Valley of Aveto is considered the most popular among tourists. The river of the same name flows along it, and there are also vast beech forests and alpine pastures. On the territory of the valley are the peaks of Penna, Madjoraska, Iona and Groppo Rosso, which are considered to be among the highest in the Ligurian Apennines.

Sturla Valley attracts tourists with meadows with grazing cattle, hazel groves, chestnut alleys and olive groves.

Gravella Valley – a well-preserved rural landscape with olive groves and vineyards, where you can find amazingly shaped rocks, mines and quarries that attract fans of speleology.

A huge variety of geological and climatic conditions have contributed to the development of rich flora and fauna in the park. Many plants grow in the park, among which the most common are hornbeam trees, beeches, ash-trees, oaks, and along the banks of rivers – alder and willow. An important floristic area in the park is Monte Bossea mountain, covered with vast thickets of boxwood (Italian"bosso"), from which it got its name.

In the forests of the park you can find such representatives, like wild boar, roe deer, Italian wolf, squirrel, marten, fox, etc. The feathered kingdom is represented by owls, golden eagles, falcons, hawks, kestrels, etc.

The landscapes of the park are incredibly diverse. Lake Lago del Lame is worth visiting, formed by glaciers, Mount Penna, reaching a height of 1735 meters, a beech grove located on Mount Zatta, as well as the artificial lake Lago di Jacopiane.

Also interesting is the Abbey of Borzone, dating back to the 7th century, the castle of Santo Stefano d ’ Aveto, built in 1164, and the mines of the Gravella Valley.

Also in the park there are several settlements – Rezzoaglio, Ne, Santo Stefano d ’ Aveto, Mezzanego and Borzonasca.


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Topic: Natural Park”Aveto” in Italy, Genoa resort.Natural Park”Aveto” in Italy, Genoa resort

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