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Dagu Fortress in China

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These fortresses are located 60 kilometers from the city of Tianjin in the Dagu region. The very first fortress in the area was built in 1861. It was supposed to serve to protect Tianjin from invading enemies from abroad. In the years 1840-1860, during the Opium Wars, 5 more large and 20 small fortresses were built here. And in 1858, the Qing Dynasty built 6 more forts here: Shitoufeng, Gao, Meng, Hai, Jen and Wei. All of them were much wider, stronger and thicker than previous structures.

Since the middle of the 19th century, military operations were conducted in the Dagu area, the purpose of which was to gain complete control over China by foreigners.

After of the first battle for the Dagu forts, they were taken, and a squadron of the British and French entered the river, climbed it and landed troops in Tianjin.

As a result of the wars, many fortresses were dismantled. Only High Fort and Wai Fort have survived to this day. Wai Fort is located on the southern coast of the Baihe River, and High Fort is on the north. The southern fortress was restored in 1988, and it was only opened for visits in 1997. From the Haifang road, located in the northern Fai Fort, you can see the High Fort, which has not yet been restored.

In the Fairy Fort in In 1997, a museum was built, which is dedicated to the history of the Dagu Fortresses. It contains photographs, illustrations, documents, as well as cannons and guns, which are in the same places on which the guns stood during the war. Also nearby is a monument dedicated to the soldiers who died here.

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