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Cathedral of Burgos in Spain

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The Cathedral (Cathedral of Our Lady), located in the city of Burgos and the province of the same name, is a major historical and cultural landmark of the country. Its construction began in 1221 at the direction of the Castilian monarch Ferdinand III, and was completed only in 1567, when the appearance of the cathedral was supplemented by the spiers of the chapel, as well as the facade.

The cathedral is made in the traditional Gothic style and is one of his striking examples. The consecration of the altar took place in 1260, after which the construction work was suspended for two centuries.   The facade of the cathedral, erected in the XIII century, is dedicated to the Mother of God and faces the West.   On the most ancient, southern facade, you can see the image of the Savior surrounded by angels and apostles.

The appearance of the Cathedral in Burgos served as a model for Catholic churches in the Spanish colonies of the New World.

The burial of the national hero of Spain was made on the territory of the cathedral   Sida Campeador and his wife, Dona Jimena. In 2007, Tyson's sword was transported to the Cathedral of Our Lady, according to one version, once belonging to Sid.

In 1984, Burgos Cathedral was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Topic: Cathedral of Burgos in Spain.Cathedral of Burgos in Spain

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