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Jewish cemetery in Israel, Jerusalem resort

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The Jewish cemetery, located on the Mount of Olives (Olives), has an ancient history. It is considered a great honor to rest here forever, because, according to the Bible, this is where the resurrection of the dead during the Last Judgment will begin.

Today, there are more than 150   000 graves on the territory of the cemetery, some of which, according to many believers , belongs to the people mentioned in the Bible. Indeed, some burials belong to the era of the First Temple.

In the era of the Second Temple, the cemetery was moved a little further north, while the territory of the Mount of Olives was partially occupied. Since that time, the tomb of Zechariah ben Yehoyada (Yad Avshalom), made in the traditional style, has been preserved. Other monuments were created much later, for example, the Graves of the Prophets - 36 burial niches, installed in the cave.

It is believed that the prophets Malachi, Zechariah and Haggai are buried here. The Jewish cemetery was damaged during the Israeli War of Independence, during which some of the gravestones were destroyed. After 1967, restoration work was carried out at the cemetery, and it again became available for burials.

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Topic: Jewish cemetery in Israel, Jerusalem resort.Jewish cemetery in Israel, Jerusalem resort

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