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Lu Xin Park in China, Qingdao Resort

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This park is located on the coast of Huquan Bay. Its length along the coast is 1 kilometer. The area of the entire park & ndash; about 40 thousand square meters. The park is a unique combination of natural landscapes and architectural attractions.

The park was laid out in 1929 by the famous Chinese gardener Jinyung. Until 1950, it was called Seaside Park, but then it was renamed, giving it the name of the famous writer, revolutionary and ideologist Lu Xin. Lu Xing wrote many of his literary works in this park. In 1986, in memory of the 50th anniversary of the writer's death, a three-meter-high granite sculpture was installed at the entrance to the park.

You can enter the park through a traditional Chinese tiled arch. The name of the park is engraved on the arch. Walking through the park, you can admire traditional Chinese buildings, mountain and sea views, as well as many other park attractions.
There is a long gallery in the depths of the park. There are 45 poems written by Lu Xin on its walls. In the center of the gallery is the poet's chased relief, which is made of copper.

The park also houses a museum of the underwater world. It consists of an exhibition hall, an aquarium, the South Pole, an endangered species hall, and a freshwater fish hall.


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Topic: Lu Xin Park in China, Qingdao Resort.Lu Xin Park in China, Qingdao Resort

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