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Tsarska Bistritsa Palace in Bulgaria

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Tsarska Bistritsa Palace is the royal residence of the dynasty of rulers in Bulgaria. The palace was built in 1898-1914, high in the mountains. The palace was originally used as a hunting lodge specially built for Ferdinand the First and his son – Boris III. The estate was built in the Renaissance style, with the addition of national Bulgarian elements. The interior of the main room was made in the form of the cabin of the ship New America.

The wooden columns and ceilings of the residence were richly decorated with patterns in the national style. The walls of the inner chambers are decorated with trophies taken by the royal family. On the ground floor, in the study, there is a table lamp stand made from chamois hooves.

The rooms are also decorated with beautiful tiled stoves, covered with Austrian tiles with floral designs. All the tiles in the rooms differ in shape and color. The most beautiful stove is considered to be located in the bedroom of the princesses Nadezhda and Evdokia.

One of the valuable exhibits in the palace is an ancient Persian tapestry located in the lobby. The tapestry was received as a gift by Ferdinand's wife from the ruler of Iran.

Around the palace there is a beautiful park, which today grows many rare plants brought here by Ferdinand from his travels. The castle also has a garage, a chapel and a fountain.

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Topic: Tsarska Bistritsa Palace in Bulgaria.Tsarska Bistritsa Palace in Bulgaria

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